Splendidly Quotidian

This is the embrace of (and departure from) everydayness—a source of ecstasies in childlike experiences—a highlight of literary phenomenology—an exploration in poetry and architecture and all matters of the world’s inner horizons.

Welcome to an exercise on the study of daily things, or as the French would say: banalité.

From the About page:

quo·tid·i·an / adjective

Having the characteristics of something which can be seen, experienced, etc, every day or very commonly. 

This site is designed around a simple idea: we are all connected.

The simple purpose of this somewhat whimsical blog is to delineate the extent of this connection. The argument is that ordinary human experiences—the commonly felt, the frequently thought, and the daily overlooked realities of existing with each other—is what brings meaning to our lives.

In a world overwhelmed by an expanding culture of isolation and discontent, of inflated egos and group bias, this is a safe place, a reminder of what makes us human and brings us closer. Here is solace in one simple idea.

Our quotidian lives—the mundane Thursday afternoons and forgettable Tuesday mornings—are what connect us. Maybe it’s time we celebrate the unexceptional. It’s time we recognize that the larger rifts in life will be forgotten and, as a whole, the everyday is most meaningful when not only shared, but acknowledged.